Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Country Life - St. Thomas, Jamaica

My cousin has her dream establishment set right at the foot of Bath Fountain Road – just opposite the Botanical Garden. One can imagine in past times a more genteel Jamaica where the aristocrats would travel to the country to sample the Baths. Much like Bath in England, I can well imagine the restorative waters doing wonders for old gouty joints. The garden still holds some semblance of those bygone days with towering coconut trees, diverse flora and fauna and the vestiges of an old stone structure, but it’s use has a long exhausted sell-by date. I remember as a child frequent school trips to the gardens – but I’m not sure what allure the old world has for this new generation.

Early early early, before cock put on him drawers on Wednesday January 18, I thought I was under attack, I could hear boots stomping and what sounded like a marching band approaching. I crept to the window and although the sound was getting closer – I couldn’t see anything, when all of a sudden, rounding a sharp corner came a group of about 20 young men – young police cadets out for their exercise. Only in Jamaica - after all the police station is a stone’s throw away from Iteen’s so I guess what was for me fascinating, would be an everyday occurrence for the locals. They were being marched in quick step up the very steep hill all while singing as they went. I grabbed my camera and sat waiting patiently for them to return – I could hear them singing as they ascended, but sadly their route took them another way and I was unable to capture them in their descent. I did get a video of sorts though of them exercising in the police yard. It’s quite funny and actually perhaps providential that their identity is not revealed. A slice of country life in St. Thomas.

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