Friday, June 17, 2016

Make my Jerk to Go!

Marie Deeble-Walker engineered a ‘soft’ launch of her latest project ‘Jerk To Go’ on Thursday June 16 at 46 W 116th street, a pop up extension to the venue known as Mist Harlem.

Authentically designed to replicate a Jamaican backyard hang out chill spot – full marks were given for the simplicity of the visual installations by artist Michael Escoffery, which, when combined with the great selections of reggae music on continuous loop almost had patrons imagining that they were liming on a Caribbean island of their choice.

Welcome to Puu Nani Street
The menus were etched on blackboards  strategically hanging on the rustic brick wall and featured the world-famous jerk sauces combined with fish, chicken , corn,  veggies, nachos and beef sliders.  Sides on offer like festival and plantains, Marley Coffee and sweet cakes and puddings for desert all added to the Caribbean flavor. 

Although no ‘hard’ liquor is available, the amenable bar staff mix up delicious concoctions containing 20% alcohol that leave you wanting more and not missing that ‘hard’ liquor at all.  Sipping on a Heineken & Ting, this writer certainly remembered many Caribbean nights spent quenching incessant thirst with her unique creation.  

I’d strongly recommend the curious, the trendy and homesick and the weary to check out Jerk to Go on the Terrace of Mist Harlem.  Opening hours – Mondays to Fridays 4 pm to midnight, Saturdays noon to midnight and Sunday noon to 10 pm.  Brunch is served on the weekend.

Mein hostess - Marie Deeble-Walker