Monday, April 11, 2016

The First 2000 Days

I wonder how many people know the importance of the first 2000 days in a child's life?  Recent guests on the Conduit Show, mother and daughter team Daseta Gray and Reeshema Brightley have been advocates of early childhood development for some time and bemoan the fact that communities of color don't get the importance of the right investment in the lives of this underserved group.

The numbers and locations of new prisons are predicated by the reading test scores of children in the third grade!.  That statement is not anecdote, it's factual and should give serious cause for concern.

The information they provided in a short space of time moved me to add the video of our conversation on the Conduit Show to my blog.  The information needs to be shared with those who would benefit most - but it is information that we all need to hear, if only to ensure that we become conduits in sharing this vital information.  It really takes a village to raise a child and the Conduit listeners and readers of this blog can do their part in sharing this this information.

Click below for the video.

The Conduit Show - Sabree