Monday, February 15, 2016

The Ties That Bind

There are some ties that are so strong, the passage of time cannot weaken or demolish the genetic bond between family members.  This fact hit home with poignant force when I was recently reunited with cousins that I grew up with in England.  Although the reunion was orchestrated because of a very sad occasion -  we converged 

on a home that served as a one-time lively hub, the residence of my Uncle Roy – Leroy A. McKenzie for a  celebration of his life.  Larger than life, in fact having lived several lives, definitely a ladies man, but also a loving and dedicated father who raised his children the best he knew how.  He mentored many young men and taught them a trade that would guarantee them a lucrative income as he imparted his impeccable work ethic.  He passed on his love of fishing and spent many hours in quiet contemplation or meaningful conversation with those who accompanied him.

So in the midst of tears, there was plenty of laughter as the crazy cousins got together again.  Sharing a zany code of humor; a throwback from the days of our youth; nostalgic ruminations, hugs and kisses and pure tomfoolery.  The ties that bind are still intact – I see them when I see the features of my beloved grandmother Miss Brenda in the faces and mannerisms of my cousins, the children of my mother’s oldest brother – Uncle Roy.