Tuesday, December 22, 2015

A Very Merry Coachmus

A chance encounter at a Westchester hospital has achieved more than any multi-million dollar ad campaign could ever do in the lives of three locals; not to mention reinforcing the true meaning of the Christmas season; with an unselfish and totally unsolicited act by an executive from an American premier high-end legendary leather goods and accessories merchandiser.

One never knows who and where you will meet someone who leaves such an impact, that they color the rest of your day and sometimes even your life.  A totally serendipitous encounter when my mother and sister whose actions in independently deciding to sport their classic Coach bags (both over 25 years old I should add) led to a conversation opener with a highly placed Coach executive who also happened to be visiting a relative in hospital.  The interaction that followed was warm, funny and irreverent, business cards were exchanged as my mother and sister spoke of their enduring affection for the Coach brand, and a yearning for the classic bags of old.  My interjection that between them they probably owned 25 coach bags was only a slight exaggeration.

The executive who shall remain nameless was delighted to meet life-long supporters of the brand and gushed that she would definitely be rewarding all three with a gift.  Farewells were said and the group parted ways.  The encounter lifted spirits, but no more was thought about the promise of a gift, after all, like the real reason for Christmas, sometimes gifts take too much precedence, when in fact it is the interaction with family, friends and yes, sometimes even strangers, that hold more meaning and leave one with a greater feeling of satisfaction.

Bright and early the next morning, the icing on the cake came, when the executive arrived bearing gifts, a lovely body bag and two pairs of soft-as-kid gloves all bearing that famous logo.

To the suits at Coach, this interaction is priceless and has reinforced brand loyalty in more ways than you can imagine, it has restored a love for a great product, given ordinary shoppers a chance to interact with someone who has shown that she listens to loyal customers (hopefully Coach will soon return to those classic lines) and made a new believer in a coveted back in the day product, which definitely gave proud owners a certain je ne sais quoi.  Thanks Coach - have a wonderful Coachmus.