Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Gentleman - MTV Unplugged

Gentleman- MTV Unplugged is the German artist’s 10th album and a major departure from his normal output. For starters, the album is a compilation of previously released music with two new songs added from his collaborations with Shaggy “Warn Dem and “Solidarity” with Ky-Mani Marley. More collaborations with Tanya Stephens, Milky Chance, Tamika, Martin Jondo, Marlon Roudette, Capino and Christopher Martin are also included.
Those who have watched the MTV unplugged series; and there have been some memorable ones; know the premise is that the artist(s) perform without amplification of any kind – hence the ‘unplugged’ which qualifies itself by adding the words Unadorned, Unattached, Unguarded.
>VP, the largest independent reggae record label, international music distributors, and retail record store organized the event in tandem with Milk River Lounge and promoter Raul. The press event preceding the performance of selected songs from the new album was a low key and relaxed one hosted by Richard Lue, Director of Business Development at VP, who kicked off with questions to Gentleman before opening the floor to give the press corps ample time to pose their commentary and questions. Gentleman was indeed relaxed, affable and in a playful mood, who, when asked by this writer to describe his music, perhaps prompted by the options in the question, replied, his music is reggae, roots, world music! When asked what the experience was like recording unplugged in such an intimate setting, he said it was a cool experience, but no different to performing before tens of thousands of fans. After the questions, Gentleman gave an impromptu acapella performance of his DJ skills much to the delight of everyone around him.
An added treat for the evening was the MTV film of the making of Gentleman’s Unplugged, which set the scene quite nicely for what was to follow. The performance was perhaps recorded withs the largest group of performers on an Unplugged stage, comprising 8 band members, including virtuoso saxophonist Jamaican Dean Fraser, a strings section and other wind instruments together with back up singers, including Tamika his partner. In contrast, the Milk River stage supported Gentleman, his accompaniment of two back-up singers and two guitarists – unplugged indeed.
While there were no jaw-dropping revelations, Gentleman did announce that following his collaboration with Ky-Mani, the two will be producing an album together. He was natural, chiding his band members affectionately on a minor slip-up, one could sense the camaraderie the performers shared. He definitely connected with the audience, leaving the stage to serenade those who were singing along with him word for word and breaking down the barrier between them and the stage. All in all, a very pleasant evening spent in the company of a man who wants to spread his philosophy through his love of reggae music and Jamaican culture.
If you are a Gentleman fan, you’ll love the stripped down intimate feel of Unplugged, if you don’t know this artist – there’s something for every taste on this double CD - check him out – he’s really very good.