Sunday, October 6, 2013

The REAL Story of Bread And Butter

© Sheron Hamilton-Pearson

When word got out that Jamaican singer
Tessanne Chin was going to blind audition for the popular American singing competition The Voice, Caribbean people gathered around their televisions and computers waiting and hoping to feel proud. Among those, was Jamaican Howell Allen, veteran television producer whose popular Backyard TV series is shown on public television stations in the Tri-State area. 

While everyone was celebrating Tessanne's epic performance, Howell was struck by Judge Adam Levine's reaction to those three now priceless words uttered by Tessane - "Bread And Butter" and knew he had found his next project! He would take those three everyday words and make them famous. Minutes after Tessane's winning performance, Howell posted simultaneous comments on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, "Bread And Butter by Tessanne Chin". The following day, the master producer started work on bringing Bread And Butter” to another dimension. He created an auto-tune parody of the “Bread And Butter” statement that would have people saying those three words over and over again while viewing great images of Tessanne on the Voice set, accompanied by an original music track produced by Howell.

To create the original video and sound for the project, Howell had to dip into his bag of tricks but always up for a challenge, the end result was a satisfying and professional piece of original work. Howell's “Bread and Butter” Parody soon appeared on YouTube and other social media networks and quickly generated a buzz. The video starts with a picture of Tessanne next to the image of a piece of hard dough bread with a nice chunk of Butta with the caption: "I will only eat dry bread and Butta for the rest of the week in honor of Tessanne" The buzz escalated, as social media chatter had some commenting on the spelling of the word butter, the types of butter they ate as children in the Caribbean and generally about Tessane's awesome appearance. 

After uploading his original video to YouTube, Howell sent out a email blast to many of his media peers to instantaneous response. Everyone had the words Bread and Butter on their lips, from Bread And Butter 'Special' to Bread And Butter 'everything'. One media personality even went as far as to download Howell's original video and then upload the same video which now mysteriously now had her logo on it to her YouTube channel! Even though there's nothing wrong with using another person's Intellectual Property, it is absolutely despicable and illegal to do so without acknowledging the original owner. In other words plagiarism in its basest form. That person need to give a open apology to Howell. You know who you are!

As Howell continues to promote and recognize Tessane's talent and potential to win this competition, while at the same time observing people's reaction to his work he has decided “to tun it up a notch. Upgrading his “Bread And Butter” Parody by adding some dance moves and more spice to it. Howell says: "When people call and tell me they hear it playing on radio in different places, I am shocked... because it's not even a song"  Tessanne Chin herself has acknowledged Howell 's contribution expressing her gratitude to him on behalf of Jamaica and all our media professionals. Howell Allen, the Backyard TV family and the whole of the Caribbean wish Tessane well in her endeavors to win The Voice.