Monday, April 29, 2013

Sheron P in conversation with Tad Hunter Livermore - previewing his album Hunting.

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Tad Hunter Livermore, released his latest EP entitled Hunting on April 13, 2013. Tad was my special guest on the Conduit Show April 28, 2013. Listen as we reminisce, preview his new music and renew an old friendship!

Friday, April 12, 2013

Short Story - submission to Commonwealth Short Story Competition

She awoke to the steady drip drip drop of rain from the leaking roof splashing onto her nose and rolling down the deep grooves of her cheek.  "Oh crap"....flinging one swollen leg over the edge of the bed, her bloodshot eyes surveyed the wreck that she called home.  A lumpy piss-stained mattress, pillows that exacerbated her allergy and sinus problems.  In a corner a pile of clothing invariably crumpled and smelling of mildew spoke of her former lif
e as  a legal secretary.  threadbare now, you could tell that they were quality clothes at one time.  Her throat felt dry as she swallowed the roughest grade of sandpaper - or so it seemed before her mouth filled with saliva as the thought of a proper breakfast sent shock waves to her stomach and brain causing her to wretch bitter bile, a throw-back to last night's cheap wine.

It took the time for these thoughts to permeate her clouded sensibilities for the other leg to swing over the edge of the bed and she gingerly eased herself into a sitting position.  Reaching into her jacket carelessly flung on the floor at the side of the bed, rooting around for the pack of cigarettes she knew she had, tears of frustration welled, dulling her brilliant blue eyes as she realized the pack was soggy having been in the direct trajectory of the leaky roof.

She knew that one way or another things could not get any worse, but that was before she knew what fate had in store for her.  A sense of hopelessness washed over her, as she slumped back into the bed, the weight of her cares having an almost human feel as lethargy overtook her.  She must have dozed off because the sun barely visible through a fly-stained window, was now high in the sky.  Nausea was threatening to decimate what little resolve to move she had, but she knew that food was fast becoming a priority.

She couldn't afford to travel too far in the state she was in, her best bet would be to see what sustenance she could muster from her nearest neighbor.  Mrs. Drewski was a harmless sort  If you could get past her prattling on and on, she was good for a passable meal and something hot to drink.  Her second attempt to get out of bed was more productive than the first.  Hurriedly splashing cold water on her face and rinsing her mouth, she felt better until she looked into the cracked mirror and saw a stranger staring back.

Her right eye was puffy, black and blue and there were tiny flecks of blood in the iris, her blue pupil was slightly off-center as she realized that she'd again slept in her contact lenses.  There was caked blood at the corner of her lip and as she opened her mouth to run her tongue over the welt, she saw her two front teeth were chipped.  She couldn't remember a thing.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013


December 29, 2012 will go down in history as the day change came to the Bronx 12th Councilmanic District.  That was the day the community participated in the inauguration and Swearing-in ceremony for new Councilman - The Honorable Andy L. King at the 161-year old Crawford Memorial United Methodist Church officiated by Pastor Harold W. Morris.

This swearing- in ceremony was special, not only because Democratic elected officials came out in their numbers to support their newest member, but also for the fact that King succeeded in being elected after a past defeat.  The mood was in turn celebratory, somber and spiritual with the appropriate pomp as the color guard presented the standards of the Bronx and the United States of America.  Dignitaries lined the first two pews of the historic church as the first message came from none other than New York City Public Advocate.  The Hon. Bill DeBlasio who advised the audience to be grateful for the democratic process that led to the selection of Andy King as Councilman.  He was the first of many to sing the praises of the new Councilman, who obviously had the backing of the Democratic Party and who ran a well-oiled campaign, solidifying his reach and influence by staying in touch with his constituents, forming coalitions and bringing in some weighty voting endorsements from the likes of 1199 SEIU, DC 37, Local 707 and 371 and Teamsters Local 237 among other powerful labor unions.

Mr. DeBlasio in an anecdote about their friendship, said Mr. King was always marked for leadership as evidenced by his commitment to the people in his community.  "Voters got excited about Andy King and came out and voted on November 6".  NYC Comptroller, the Hon John Liu probably raised his standing among the women int he audience when he recognised Andy King's wife - Neva Shillingford-King, bestowing honor on her for the high achievement being celebrated.  The Hon. Carl E. Heastie, Bronx County Democratic Chairman and NYS Assembly member - drew parallels between him and Mr. King, both sons of the Bronx who studied outside the borough, but returned to serve the community that spawned them.  Manhattan City Council Speaker Christine Quinn was unable to attend, but sent a congratulatory letter read by the Hon Annabel Palma, the Bronx Delegation Chair.  The Hon. Congressman Elliot Engel's letter of congratulation was read by Ms. Payne.

Appreciative applause rang out on the announcement that the Oath of Office would be administered by the Bronx Borough President, Ruben Diaz, Jr.  In a meaningful commentary on the definition and purpose of leadership, drawing on a Martin Luther King Jr. speech, the Borough President confidently announced he was positive that in Andy King, the people of the Bronx have found a leader and a servant.  There was light relief as Rev Morris called for a bible on which the oath would be administered, after a slight delay during which time ironically there seemed no bible to be found in the church, Mr. King's well-worn bible was eventually produced.  King's grand daughter firmly held the bible and the Oath of Office was then administered to a solemn Councilman.  Councilman King - having been officially conferred the title was then blessed by all clergy present as hands were laid on him and prayers and blessings for his person and the office were vocally and earnestly made.  Councilman The Hon. Rueben Diaz Sr, also prayed in Spanish - a nice touch to include those in the audience who were perhaps not  primary English language speakers.

Taking the podium to give thanks to God, his wife, family and supporters, Councilman King reiterated his campaign slogan that it wasn't jsut him going to City Hall, he was taking the community with him too.

In keeping with Councilman King's passion for the youth, young people featured prominently in the program, with a soulful rendition of the Star Spangled Banner and the Negro National Anthem "Lift Every Voice" by Jestine Meggett; fiery spoken word artist Ne Ne Ali garnered nods of approval and rousing applause at the end of her performance in which she asked the audience to go with her to her mind.  The Harvest Restoration Church Youth Choir had all in the santuary on their feet and lifting voices in one accord to sign praises and give thanks.  YEP, the program founded by Councilman King, showed the efficacy of its mentoring program when Brian Melford addressed the assembly with a biography of his mentor and guide.  Standing confidently at the podium, I'm sure Andy felt like a proud father who is well pleased with a son's achievements.

It wasn't just the community that gathered on a snowy cold Saturday in the Bronx, the politicians and officials were also out in surprising number - a show of force which most bode well for the plasn Mr. King has for a once vibrant and wealthy and now somewhat neglected section of the North East Bronx.  We wish Councilman King all the best and trust that the community and those defeated in the recent elections will stand behind his vision and work with him for change.