Friday, March 4, 2011

Buju -- Driver Stopped

“Driver Buju Stopped” comment on Ian Boynes Sunday Gleaner article published Sunday February 27, 2011.

Ian Boyne proves in his latest op ed why he is still one of the voices of reason left in Jamaican print media.

Presenting both sides of the argument, he leaves the reader to draw their own conclusion, the only logical conclusion that people in their right mind with morals and critical thinking skills in tact will arrive at. The fact that the truth, in an arena where fog has limited visibility to the proverbial hand in front of your face, is still the truth no matter how shrouded with emotion or wishful thinking!

Claims of conspiracy in the American Judicial system are not as far-fetched as they may seem, just look at the numbers of innocent men freed by the Innocence Project, or the numbers exonerated on DNA evidence not readily available at the trial. However, in this case as Boyne rightly points out, Jurors, men and women much like the Defendant, are visual and when presented with incontrovertible evidence of someone committing a crime, they tend to return a guilty verdict.

Those who say that Buju should be freed at all cost and even more so now that he has been convicted, should remember the devastation cocaine and its crack derivative have caused not just in America, but worldwide. It’s not the controllers of the movement of this drug who suffer, but the ‘little’ people whose families are destroyed, whose mothers turn to prostitution, whose fathers forget to be men and whose children wait wide-eyed and hungry because there is no one to care for them. Those same ‘little’ people who now clamor for the release of the ‘Gargamel’ should remember that those who deal in illicit drugs do not do so from a sense of community spirit, but tend to act out of sheer greed. Jamaica – WAKE UP – your morals seem to have gone to hell in a hand-basket, when did we as a proud people accept the wrong as something to be praised, something that is right?

©Sheron Hamilton-Pearson February 28, 2011