Tuesday, May 5, 2009


The Big C
© Sheron Hamilton-Pearson

I refuse to accept this
Or for death to give me his kiss
I will not lie down and die
And won’t give the devil
a place for his lie

Just because you eat away at my core
Your rotten poisonous venom
spreading like a sore
Clinging to my organs
your nasty insidious grasp
Was it the food or lifestyle,
just what was it I ask

I vacillate between shock, anger and defeat
I’m too young to think about death
And from this life I refuse to retreat
There’s still so much for me to do
I need to see my daughter finish school
still the Lord’s work to be done
I need to tell the unsaved about his Son.
I have faith in God’s promise to me
There are still places to go and people to see
There is still the Lord’s work to be done
I need to tell the unsaved about his Son.


I’m giving God thanks today and am humbled by the thousands who came out on Saturday May 2, 2009 to support the Revlon 5K walk/run to fund research into women’s cancer.

Times Square was awash with survivors, supporters, friends and family all connected by the common thread of cancer. Whether you know someone, have a friend or family member who survives or succumbed, I’ve learned that cancer is no respecter of persons. From the mighty to the unknown, this disease can strike where it’s least expected and cuts down the big and small in their prime.

This walk and the lead up to it was an extremely bitter-sweet time for me. Although I am celebrating my status as cancer free for my fourth year, my cousin Sophia Bailey lost her battle with breast cancer on April 14. The loss to her parents, friends and family although immeasurably, is softened only by the fact that Sophia is a child of God and for those who are Christians, we rejoice in the sure knowledge that right now she is absent from the body, but present with the Lord.

Sophia’s thanksgiving ceremony was just that, all who eulogized her described her SMILE and all gave thanks for her life and for the impact she had on the lives of others. Another cousin Phoebe joked in her summation that this funeral did not reflect that of the man who died and was spoken of in such loving terms, that the wife asked for the coffin to be opened in the church so she could confirm it was really HER husband being buried – since she knew the kind words did not really reflect the person she had married. Sophia was truly an angel on earth, not only did she fly the friendly skies as a flight attendant, she now has her angel wings and is watching us all with that trademark smile.

It was truly an honor to dedicate my participation in the Revlon 5K Walk with the Carib Connect Team to my cousin Sophia. Kudos to Jacqueline, Basil, LeFearn, Danielle, Michael and Theresa who supported the cause. See you all next year.